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Box 116 contains material relating to Bentham’s views on convict transportation, comprising two works:

  • Panopticon versus New South Wales, in Two Letters to Lord Pelham (written 1802, published 1812)
  • A Plea for the Constitution (also known as The True Bastile) (written 1803, published 1812)

Panopticon v NSW is a passionate condemnation of the convict colony of New South Wales, in which Bentham compares it unfavourably with his panopticon penitentiary scheme. Bentham’s main source for Panopticon v NSW was An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales published in two volumes between 1798 and 1802, and written by the colony’s first Judge-Advocate, Captain David Collins. Panopticon v NSW is notable for Bentham’s genuine anger, and his tendentious interpretation of the evidence in Collins’s work. It is one of the most important early critiques of convict transportation, though it had little impact when he wrote it. However, Bentham’s arguments were repeatedly discussed in the following decades, and though he did not live to see it, they had an important role in the decision to abolish transportation to New South Wales in 1840.

In A Plea for the Constitution Bentham broadened his argument, in suggesting that arrangements in New South Wales were both unconstitutional and illegal. He argued that, as they had been granted no such power by Parliament, that the Governors of New South Wales had no legal powers to make binding local regulations, or to punish people for transgressing them. Bentham himself recognised that this argument could cause chaos in the colony, and had it only privately published in 1803. There is evidence that a copy reached New South Wales, and that A Plea for the Constitution may have influenced the bloodless overthrow of Governor William Bligh in 1808.

The material is divided as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 268: Panopticon v NSW (1802)
  • Folios 269 to 385: The True Bastile: showing the outrages offered to law, justice and humanity in New South Wales [1802-03].
  • Folio 386: Mammoth [c.1802].
  • Folios 387 to 398: Panopticon correspondence.
  • Folios 399 to 401: 28th Report, Penitentiary Establishment.
  • Folios 402 to 403: A list of the deaths on board the Fortune and Ceres prison hulks.
  • Folio 404: Extract of a letter from Dr Forde, the Ordinary of Newgate Prison, to William Wilberforce [copy, 1802].
  • Folios 405 to 406: Hints for the reformation and improvement of the police, by Brownlow Forde [1802].
  • Folios 407 to 425: New South Wales, 3rd Letter [1802-03].
  • Folios 426 to 429: New South Wales, fragments [1802-03].
  • Folios 430 to 462: Government report, Panopticon, New South Wales, miscellaneous fragments [1799, 1802, 1803].
  • Folios 463 to 533: The True Bastile, Letters to Lord Pelham, Preface [1802-03].
  • Folios 534 to 647: To Lord Pelham, Hulks, improved prisons, panopticon - 3rd Letter [1802-03].
  • Folios 648 to 649: A Picture of the Treasury, Peltier's trial (collectanea) [1803].
  • Folios 650 to 652: Printed copies of statues, annotated: Penitentiary Act, 1779 (19 Geo III c.74); Penitentiary Act, 1794 (34 Geo III, c.84, incomplete); Penitentiary Act, 1794 (34 Geo III, c.84, complete).
  • Folio 653: Proposal for a new and less expensive mode of employing and reforming convicts [printed copy, some annotation, 1792].

Further reading:

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A pre-publication text of Writings on Australia, eds. T. Causer and P. Schofield, in which is included folios 603–47 from this box, is available to download for free from the UCL Digital Repository [1].

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JB/116/421/001‎ JB/116/421/002‎ JB/116/422/001JB/116/423/001‎ JB/116/424/001‎ JB/116/425/001‎ JB/116/426/001‎ JB/116/426/002‎ JB/116/427/001‎ JB/116/429/001‎ JB/116/430/001‎ JB/116/431/001‎ JB/116/432/001‎ JB/116/433/001‎ JB/116/434/001‎ JB/116/446/001 JB/116/447/001 JB/116/448/001‎ JB/116/451/001 JB/116/454/001 JB/116/455/001‎ JB/116/458/001 JB/116/460/001 JB/116/464/001 JB/116/465/001‎ JB/116/466/001‎ JB/116/467/001JB/116/468/001‎ JB/116/469/001‎ JB/116/470/001‎ JB/116/471/001‎ JB/116/472/001‎ JB/116/473/001‎ JB/116/475/001JB/116/476/001‎ JB/116/477/001‎ JB/116/478/001‎ JB/116/479/001‎ JB/116/480/001‎ JB/116/481/001‎ JB/116/482/001‎ JB/116/483/001‎ JB/116/484/001‎ JB/116/485/001‎ JB/116/486/001‎ JB/116/487/001‎ JB/116/488/001‎ JB/116/488/002‎ JB/116/489/001‎ JB/116/490/001‎ JB/116/491/001‎ JB/116/492/001‎ JB/116/493/001‎ JB/116/494/001‎ JB/116/495/001‎ JB/116/496/001‎ JB/116/497/001‎ JB/116/498/001‎ JB/116/498/002‎ JB/116/499/001‎ JB/116/500/001‎ JB/116/501/001‎ JB/116/502/001‎ JB/116/503/001‎ JB/116/504/001‎ JB/116/505/001‎ JB/116/506/001‎ JB/116/507/001‎ JB/116/508/001‎ JB/116/509/001‎ JB/116/510/001‎ JB/116/511/001‎ JB/116/512/001‎ JB/116/513/001‎ JB/116/514/001‎ JB/116/515/001‎ JB/116/516/001‎ JB/116/517/001‎ JB/116/518/001‎ JB/116/519/001‎ JB/116/520/001‎ JB/116/521/001‎ JB/116/522/001‎ JB/116/523/001‎ JB/116/524/001‎ JB/116/525/001‎ JB/116/526/001‎ JB/116/527/001‎ JB/116/528/001‎ JB/116/529/001‎ JB/116/530/001‎ JB/116/531/001‎ JB/116/532/001‎ JB/116/533/001‎ JB/116/534/001‎ JB/116/535/001‎ JB/116/536/001‎ JB/116/537/001‎ JB/116/538/001‎ JB/116/539/001‎ JB/116/540/001‎ JB/116/541/001‎ JB/116/542/001‎ JB/116/542/002 JB/116/543/001‎ JB/116/544/001‎ JB/116/545/001‎ JB/116/546/001‎ JB/116/547/001‎ JB/116/548/001‎ JB/116/549/001‎ JB/116/550/001‎ JB/116/551/001‎ JB/116/552/001‎ JB/116/553/001‎ JB/116/554/001‎ JB/116/554/002‎ JB/116/555/001‎ JB/116/556/001‎ JB/116/556/002‎ JB/116/556/003‎ JB/116/557/001‎ JB/116/558/001‎ JB/116/558/002 JB/116/559/001‎ JB/116/560/001‎ JB/116/561/001‎ JB/116/562/001‎ JB/116/563/001‎ JB/116/564/001‎ JB/116/565/001‎ JB/116/566/001‎ JB/116/567/001‎ JB/116/568/001‎ JB/116/569/001‎ JB/116/570/001‎ JB/116/571/001‎ JB/116/572/001‎ JB/116/573/001‎ JB/116/574/001‎ JB/116/575/001‎ JB/116/576/001‎ JB/116/577/001‎ JB/116/578/001‎ JB/116/579/001‎ JB/116/580/001‎ JB/116/581/001‎ JB/116/582/001‎ JB/116/583/001‎ JB/116/584/001‎ JB/116/585/001‎ JB/116/585/002‎ JB/116/586/001‎ JB/116/587/001‎ JB/116/588/001‎ JB/116/589/001‎ JB/116/590/001‎ JB/116/591/001‎ JB/116/592/001‎ JB/116/593/001‎ JB/116/594/001‎ JB/116/595/001‎ JB/116/596/001‎ JB/116/597/001‎ JB/116/598/001‎ JB/116/599/001‎ JB/116/602/001‎ JB/116/603/001‎ JB/116/604/001‎ JB/116/604/002‎ JB/116/605/001‎ JB/116/606/001‎ JB/116/607/001‎ JB/116/608/001‎ JB/116/609/001‎ JB/116/610/001‎ JB/116/611/001‎ JB/116/612/001‎ JB/116/613/001‎ JB/116/614/001‎ JB/116/615/001‎ JB/116/616/001‎ JB/116/617/001‎ JB/116/618/001‎ JB/116/619/001‎ JB/116/620/001‎ JB/116/621/001‎ JB/116/622/001‎ JB/116/623/001‎ JB/116/623/002‎ JB/116/624/001‎ JB/116/624/002‎ JB/116/625/001‎ JB/116/625/002 JB/116/626/001‎ JB/116/626/002‎ JB/116/627/001‎ JB/116/627/002‎ JB/116/628/001‎ JB/116/628/002‎ JB/116/629/001‎ JB/116/629/002‎ JB/116/630/001‎ JB/116/630/002‎ JB/116/631/001‎ JB/116/631/002‎ JB/116/632/001‎ JB/116/632/002 JB/116/633/001‎ JB/116/633/002‎ JB/116/634/001‎ JB/116/634/002 JB/116/635/001‎ JB/116/635/002‎ JB/116/636/001 JB/116/636/002‎ JB/116/637/001‎ JB/116/637/002‎ JB/116/638/001‎ JB/116/638/002‎ JB/116/639/001 JB/116/639/002 JB/116/640/001‎ JB/116/640/002‎ JB/116/641/001‎ JB/116/642/001 JB/116/642/002‎ JB/116/643/001‎ JB/116/643/002‎ JB/116/644/001 JB/116/644/002 JB/116/645/001‎ JB/116/645/002‎ JB/116/646/001‎ JB/116/646/002‎ JB/116/647/001‎ JB/116/647/002‎ JB/116/648/001‎ JB/116/649/001‎ JB/116/650/001 JB/116/650/002‎ JB/116/650/003‎ JB/116/650/004‎ JB/116/650/005JB/116/650/006‎ JB/116/650/007 JB/116/650/008 JB/116/650/009 JB/116/650/010 JB/116/650/011JB/116/650/012‎ JB/116/650/013 JB/116/650/014 JB/116/650/015 JB/116/650/016 JB/116/650/017 JB/116/650/018 JB/116/650/019 JB/116/650/020 JB/116/650/021 JB/116/650/023‎ JB/116/650/024 JB/116/650/025 JB/116/650/028‎ JB/116/650/029 JB/116/650/039 JB/116/650/040 JB/116/650/041‎ JB/116/650/045‎ JB/116/651/001 JB/116/651/002 JB/116/651/003 JB/116/651/004 JB/116/651/005 JB/116/651/006 JB/116/651/007 JB/116/651/010 JB/116/651/011‎ JB/116/651/013 JB/116/652/001‎ JB/116/652/002 JB/116/652/004 JB/116/652/005 JB/116/652/006 JB/116/652/007 JB/116/652/009 JB/116/652/010 JB/116/652/011 JB/116/653/001‎ JB/116/653/002 JB/116/653/003 JB/116/653/004‎

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