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Under the old transportation system, this This inequality was the result of the course taken for
ridding the country of the obnoxious inmates. these its <add>these obnoxious inmates.</add> Powers being
given for the purpose by Parliament, they were made over by Government he was sold to a
Contractor, who for the profit to be made by selling him
their services, to a Master for the penal term, to a Master in America engaged
to convey them to the destined scene of banishment, or
at least to convey them out of the country (the Mother Country) from
which they were to be expelled banished. Taking the punishment thus upon the footing face of the letter of the law, the effect of it would be, in all cases alike, to add to the fundamental and introductory part of it — expulsion, the ulterior and perfectly that the banishment of which constituted the essential and indispensable of the punishment was . distinct punishment of bondage: expulsion from the Mother Country, bondage to be endured in the country to which the Convict was to be expelled. Such would being in general — but the effect in practice in all cases the effect in appearance, such <add>also would it in general be the effect in practice. in most instances the general
effect of the arrangement was to add a sort of accidental bondage to
the essential and indispensable banishment: because
in most instances in general the Convict being poverty of the Convict
being such as precluding him from purchasing any
indulgence, the price of paid by an ordinary a stranger
master for his services by a stranger in America was the only source of profit
to the Contractor. to the first purchaser:- I mean the Merchant was going <add>who in Great
Britain <add>unpaid for his conveyance to that other <add>distant quarter of the globe. But a very moderate sum of
money was sufficient to enable a man to exempt
himself from this most afflictive part of the punishment:
for if wherever it happened that he
through the medium of a friend or otherwise he could
bid more for himself, than would be bid for him by
a stranger, liberty thereby therefore of course took place of bondage:
The bondage was therefore rather a punishment Poverty therefore, rather than the crime of which a man
was convicted, was the crime for offence of which the bondage was
the punishment: and so far as the amount of the
depredation is to be taken as a measure of the magnitude
of the crime, the greater the crime, the better
the chance which the criminal would in this way give himself

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