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Since the writing of the paragraph in the text, upon
turning to Bryan Edwards's History of the West Indies - Vol II
Book IV. Ch. IV, I find the following information on this head.
So long ago as the 2 in the 28th of his Majesty's reign
Ao the year 1788, in the Act passed if 28th G.3. c. 5th
use had been made of the principle of reward, for connecting
the cementing the connection between interest and duty, in the case
of the Ship Surgeons thereby required to be appointed for retained on board the
several ships concerned in the Negro-import trade. This
was might be a year or two before the time when upon drawing up
my Penitentiary Establishment proposal, the article in question
had first occurred to me. In this case, In that <add>this legislative provision of the</add> it is the principle of reward,
and that alone reward alone, reward alone as contradistinguished to punishment, that is applied. But it is the propriety
of the principle of life-insurance, as applied employ'd in that
Proposal, to apply at once and by the same movement, both
springs of human action, reward and punishment; together: reward
in the event of a measure degree of success, beyond and thence as
it may be presumed of care and exertion, beyond what is
looked upon as the ordinary mark — punishment, in case
of such a degree of desirable results, as is considered as
falling short of that ordinary mark. The principle idea of
employing the single principle of reward in this way — the principle of reward singly — in the preservation of human
life was thus a moral one, new, at the time when this the idea of this principle
of double action thus occurred to me. It is the principle no more than the <add>established practice</add>
of life. after insurance, applied to this object, under the preservation
the guidance of that political and moral principle of the thing itself which is the subject of the insurance. of
moral dynamics. The practice of life-insurance was in
itself of comparatively very antient date: but in the form in which

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