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Of this so much agitated this so universally appr contended approved <add>accepted</add>
principle — approved accepted at least in its application to
the conveyance of men in their unhappy circumstances the subjects of that trade what
use, what application was made in the adjustment of the
Contracts for the conveyance of British subjects to
New South Wales? The contracts themselves, the contracts alone, were
they for this purpose to be called for by Parliament, would
serve to shew. It would then be seen — supposing any difference the deficiency if any
in the degree point of case, to be the result not of financial design
but of honest negligence - it would then be seen, whether
the d difference between a white skin and a black one
were, or were not, an interval too wide for such powers of abstraction
as the Treasury at that time afforded, to stretch
their rations to measure and .

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The loss spoken of by Bryan Edwards a loss
at its maximum short of 20 per Cent by sea and
land together is spoken of by him - certainly not
without cause - as "a destruction of the human species on
"which it is impossible to reflect without horror:" Edwards II. p.125. What
would he have said, (had it fallen within his observation)
of a loss, to more than that amount sea and land together sea and land together, to an amount still greater?
sustained a loss, inflicted on white men - his Majestys native-born British subjects -
by the plan of penal colonization in New South Wales?
Not that I mean by any means to put the disaster scourges <add> inflicted
of which those that unoffending and much injured description of
our fellow-men were the victims, as being superior as
the account of guilt mismanagement to those of our guilty fellow countrymen
who were in the have been justly marked out for punishment, though
not for that punishment any such cruel and unauthorized fate
and by law at least unintended, suffering: Still however by him who
though a negro Slave-holder would be not reflect on the destruction of Negro Slaves without indignation and horror, a still greater destruction of his fellow countrymen - and that but too probably from the neglect of more precautions that had already been taken under the eye of the authors of the neglect for the protecting of Negro Slaves would hardly have been regarded with indifference.

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