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Panoptic versus New South Wales

Note to p.4.
68 73
located at the top and top/right hand side of the manuscript Among the amusements of youth, did your Lordship ever early years, did it ever happen to
happen Lordship to include the Peruvian tales? — The man monster with a head
upon his shoulders was not an object of f more tender
compassion to the headless nation, than I have been to found of your hapless correspondent has found himself discovered himself to have become on this and that ocasion
to this or that right honourable and or otherwise dignified , without — more of them more than than
number he cares to think of — on account the ground score of this hapless, humble and as I thought, innocent
attempt, to sacrifice a moderate moderate portion of personal
a moderate and well-weighted portion of personal profit, upon the altar of public justice. It was but
t' other day that a gentleman of in high office, a most
intimate friend of your Lordship — with that candour
which was suited fitted to the occasion and the purpose — and
that discernment which find are creating self-complacency and self-confidence is superiority of intuition which is a among the appendages in
such high of of such high office — was pleased behind my back. in conversation with a friend of mine a common friend to number this among
my "Flights: this single being of a sufficiently conclusive affording of itself being of itself sufficiently
professing of itself a sufficient degree of eccentricity, to ground a presumption of as many others more as it might be convenient
to assume. to add to it give an order for. The gentleman had by no not then by any means made
up his mind upon the subject, my project and if such his indecision
the evidence of insanity was the only flight afforded by
this flight of mine was — if not the only cause — at least
the only cause which it was found convenient to speak of. ..... And must I then my Lord after all my good Lord be made company for the Margaret Nicholson and the Hatfields? Must my reputation - a very obscure indeed but hitherto spotless reputation yet all this time one yet in all other points, a spotless one be sent to Bedlam, and with it my poor project with the stamp of the Parliamentary sceptre, twice superceded, and still so fresh upon it? The thus summary! the sense the scentum ! No commission afford no Physicians — no, nor so much as the patient heard!
--> — Oh, Alas my Lord! and is the offense inexpiable! — the If in
of the door open to the fountain of mercy is in the gentlemans official or his private calendar
If in the official gentlemans official or his private your Lordship's hands. If disinterestedness and a too passionate
love of Justice belong to the catalogue are upon the list of nuisances
and crimes, are will can not nine years spent in disgrace and
solitude be accepted as a sufficient punishment? My good Lord! The key of the door
which opens to the fountain of Royal mercy is in your
Lordships hands. — Put on them, my Lord, in till by

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