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14 Oct 1802 Panopticon versus N.S. Wales Note (a) to p.81

(a) Such is the account given in the above paper of an affair
which appears to have been the same as that spoken of in
the Lady's letter.

The account given of the same affair in the contiuation
of Mr Collins, his Captain (now Lieutenant Colonel) Collins
history is as follows. Page 306. October 1800. "The Buffalo
"sailed for England on the 21st of October, and as the Governor
"had intended to touch and land at Norfolk Island, for the purpose
"of learning, from his own observation, something of the state
"of that settlement, some few of the Irish prisoners, who were suspected
"of laying plans of insurrection and massacre, were taken in the
"Buffalo, and landed there."

The prisoners in question appear to have been of the
number of those who in the beginning of the preceding month September had been taken up and exami
(as the historian informs us) and examined on the suspicion
of a plot of this kind, so long ago before as in the beginning
of the preceding month. II. Collins p.302. Marks of falshood,
(it is to be observed) appear on the face of the confession, as reported: but the complexion an interpretation
of the case seems to suggest that suggests itself is — that, though the plot,
as reported pretended to be confessed, was was false, the object of the
falshood was to conceal a true one. That, the , <add>belief of the instance of a true plot
was at the bottom of the whole, appears to have been was generally was generally entertained
, appears by the exertions made, under the authority
of the Governor, to guard against the apprehended mischief, by
so strong a remedy as the formation of volunteer associations:
"two volunteer associations of fifty men each", out of such materials
as "the most respectable inhabitants" in such a Colony so composed.
The declared effect was to the "increasing the armed
"force of the Colony". If the regular force had not been If in the amount of the regular force the deficiency
had not, in the judgment of the governing part of the Colony, any decidedly the deficiency
insufficient, had not been a very decided one, it may be imagined whether such any any such auxiliaries would a any
such number, and if so questionable a complexion would have been called in to supply it.

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