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1 Novr 1802
Letter 2d

Observations Among all crimes these excepted which by striking
at the root of government itself threatens the community with
the complicated and indefinitely extreme miseries of
foreign or evil evil or foreign war, incendiarism is the most mischievous.
If wilful incendiarism be likewise be excepted, it is only in the few particular
situations, in which by the removal of some
barrier opposed to the force of superincumbent masses
of water, the wickedness of a single hand may prove
destructive on a whole
involve a territory of
indefinite extent in a rain still more extensive than can be
produced ever by the destroying efficacy destructive power of fire.

While individuals in any member may in each instance come
to have been
involved in the actual mischief, no individuals whatever can
be secure against the terror which it imposed by the
ideas of the future possible mischief and comparably more or less probably mischief[+]

Mischief of the 1st order
extension of the 2d,
all extension.

Widespreading as the
mischief of the first order
is but too apt to be, the
mischief of the second
order is sure to be much
more so.

[+] pro exitium ad paucos; metus, ad omnes

The final causes or motives by the action of by or generating motives capable of giving
birth to it, are prodigiously diversified. The most common are
to the commission of it are enmity, sport—pecuniary
appetite for gain. Enmity is the most common motive the most frequent of all:
sport, by no means an unexampled one, the most horrible and terrified: from the
enmity, those alone have any thing to fear who have
either the misfortune to be the objects of that enmity passion or to have their
fixed possession combustible property in a spot in a certain degree of vicinity to
a body in a certain way contiguous to those some or other who are
the property and a singular mass of property belonging to some
person individual who has been alike unfortunate.
But from the hand which, in spreading spreading destruction in this its most
diffusing diffusive shape is prompted by no other than so light has yielded to the impulse of so paying a
as mere sport—a motive which requires no particular
relation of enmity or any other particular condition
to bring it into action, where is the individual that can
call himself sage? Who was safe under Nero? Who was
safe under Alexander and Thais, when in their ?

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