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Letter 2d


"business must principally turn." Must I believe
is among logicians pretty generally in sense though not in sound regarded as a sort
of conjugate of obligation: though to speak honestly, the
obligation Mr Vansittart the Honourable Secretary had in view was I doubt
rather an obligation emaning from, than incumbent
upon, the Noble Lord. Is there really Does your Lordship know of any person
there or thereabouts to whom any such incumbent duty
or obligation really attaches as shall be of sufficient potency
to give birth to production of the decision the Honourable Secretary has
in view? If To any Diogenes who would undertake to find the search for me
me any such person I would not grudge one wud not grudge him two
candles to his lantern; for as to any such lights as
the Duke de Liancourt speaks of, I have never yet been fortunate
enough to perceive catch a glympse of them in
the nine or ten years that I have been & it has been my lot to grope in have been groping my way of my acquaintance
with the plain the but too visible darkness darkness but too visible of
that place. It is now about four months, since your Lordship
on your part was setting out in search of the Honourable Secretary,
in hope of "finding out" in the midst of all that darkness
"what steps had been taken in regard to this same dark
business in that same dark place: Your Lordships
four months' search has hitherto been as unsuccessful
as the fifteen months' search of the Honourable Secretary's. Between
the two floors of that gloomy edifice there seems some how
or other to have been "a great gulph fixed", as impassible
as that between the two coatings of the Leyden phial, at least
in a case where like this, where the faculty of walking the
streets in safety and that of sleeping in one's bed in quiet are

mistake us not, my
good Lord: I do not
mean to say on all
occasions. I do not
mean to insinuate that
at a Lord Mayors feast
I do not mean to say on all occasions.
I only mean on one
occasion like this,
or any other such convenient
or otherwise agreeable occasion
there would be any
such principle of reprehension
as should present to
my Your Lordship and the Honourable Secretary.

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