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Economy 1
Panopt v. NSWales — II Collins

Droughta Situation Fire

P. 139. Dec.r 1790. "Many people at this time were much afflicted
"with inflammations of the eyes, attended with extreme pain,
"and supposed by the medical gentlemen to be occasioned
"by the excessive dry and sultry weather which has prevailed
"for a considerable time. Dysentric complaints were also very
"common, which were attributed to the water, most of the rain
"and springs having been nearly dried up. The tanks which
"were cut in the rocks below the stream by order of Governor
"Philip had proven of infinite utility." —

P. 195. Jany 1799. "Agricultural concerns were as unpromising
"in appearance in this as in the last month. The Governor,
"in a visit which he made to Parramatta, found that the
"pasture over the whole country had been entirely burnt
"up; in consequence of which the grazing cattle were in great
"distress; and, from the lamentable continuance of the drought,
"the maize was every where likely to fail: a misfortune that
"would ruin the stock of hogs, and reduce the settlement considerably
"in the article of bread." —

P. 125. August 1798. The weather in the last month was remarked
"to be uncommonly cold. In the latter part of this it excessively
"sultry, and the wind high, which set many parts of the country
"on fire, and destroyed some property. The Surveyor-general's
"house, and every article in it, was consumed by one of these
"conflagrations." —

P.199. February 1799. "The great drought and excessive heat had
"affected the water. Such ponds as still retained any were reduced so
"low, that most of them were become brackish, and scarcely drinkable.
"From this circumstance, it was conjectured, that the earth contained
"a large portion of salt, for the ponds were on the high grounds
"were not fresh. The woods between Sydney and Parramatta were
"compleatly on fire, the trees being burnt to the tops, and every
"blade of grass was destroyed." —

P. 334. A stack, containing one thousand bushels of grain,
"the property of one individual, had been unfortunately destroyed
"by fire." —

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