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To come in at p. 52 which is the end of Incapacitation

13 October 1802

3. Incapacitation

Use of maintaining
this mortality, notwithstanding
it is
succeeded by .
During the voyage
pestilence is of the
essence of the establishment—
at the end of the voyage
Leave the convicts
unemployed, they mutiny: confine them
they die.

Your Lordship not naturally enough impossible

But (says somebody) to what good purpose, such, at this time
of day, to rip up these old sores? The In point respect of life
and death, the settlement establishment presents two features: mortality at
the outset; health and vitality and longevity afterwards: the mortality are
scourges afflictions common to all new Colonies: the vitality, in a
blessing in a disguise altogether peculiar to this one of New South Wales.
The is and without remedy: for the future, the prospect is on
this side at least a fair one,
so invidious and unprofitable
useless and invidious task a labour an object as that of the inculpation of
public men?

My Lord—with submission—fatal remains as the task/labour may the holding out to the
be to him who the hand that executes it
concern of the public the proofs marks of incapacity misconduct of negligence
on the part of the servants of the public is with reference
to the public service a labour not altogether without its use. But, without not to
insisting dwelling on any such common place topic a more specific and printed
answer will be found to apply here.+ The healthiness
of the climate—I mean in the several spots already
settled appears indeed sufficiently established: but whatever degree of exemption
it may afford from ordinary disease appears to be more than outweighed
by the perpetual exposure for such it seems to be to the scourge of continual and as it should seem exposure
of famine. Further on, as the facts present themselves
I shall may have occasion to exhibit represent to your Lordship
the nature of the danger and to shew submitt to your Lordship whether that it is essential
it be not inextricably interwoven, with the unchangeable circumstances
of the spot. Yes, my Lord: Your Lordship will see that it is of the essence of
the improved Colony is to be continually constantlyexposed to famine.

The pestilence too will be found in a very high
degree—not an a mere accidental and temporary mischief—but an
essential and irremoveable one: it is in a great degree the joint result of the
character of the passengers, and the duration of the voyage.
Leave them unconfined, they mutiny: confine them they die. Care
may above and or below, may render augment the mortality from this source to famine.

The pestilence too will be found in a very high
both plans may lessen it: but in such a situation, mortality,
and that in a most deplorable
degree will ever and
anon take place in
spite of the utmost
care. Accordingly
as we hear from Mr
Collins (II. 222) in the Hillsborough
that arrived in New
South Wales July 1781 with Convicts in July
the scallies were out of
300, 101 without besides sickness: altogether, according to the statement of the same candid reporter, "it was impossible that any ship could have been better fitted by Government, for the
accommodation of prisoners during such a voyage. A Gaol fever, lurking & thus
cloathing, as the cause to which he attributes the mortality amounting to upwards of one third
"The terms of the of the charterparty (he says) had been strictly complied with.

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