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Economy 10
II Collins

Native hostility
11 P 204. April 1799. "It having been for several days reported, that
"the crews of two boats, which had been permitted to go to Hunter's
"River for a load of coals, had been cut off by the natives, the
"governor ordered his whale boat to be well armed, and to proceed
"thither, in quest of the boats and their crews; sending in her
"Henry Hacking, a person on whom he could depend. Upon his
"return he informed the governor, that on his arrival he found
"an attempt had been made to burn the smaller boat, which
"had had three men in her, who were each provided with a
"musquet. The boat was there, but the men were not to be
"found. Going immediately in search of them, he fell in with
"a large body of natives all armed. On desiring them to inform
"him what was become of the white men, they told him they
"were gone to Sidney. This did not satisfy him, as he found
"they had taken away the sails of the boats, the men's blankets,
"and every thing that they had with them. He threatened
"to kill them if they did not instantly inform him, & presented
"his musquet at them. This they laughed at, and said, that
"if he did not go away, and leave them a small two-oared
"boat which he had brought with him, & the whale boats, they
"would destroy every white man there, and poised their spears in
"a threatening manner. He again levelled his piece at them, and
"snapped it without priming, in the hope of alarming them; but
"they were not so easily frightened, and became more noisy and
"violent. Finding that an attack was almost certain, he charged
"his gun with buck shot, and ordered them to leave the place;
"but, their clamour increasing, he fired, and four of them fell, one
"of whom got up again and ran off, the other three remaining
"upon the ground, probably mortally wounded. The whole body
"disappeared, and no more was seen seen of them, leaving Hacking
"to fill his boat & effect his retreat unmolested.

"Our people having frequently visited this river for coals, &
"always treated with kindness and civility the natives whom they
"met, this behaviour was not to be accounted for, except by its
"being allowed that all savages are under the dominion of a
"sudden impulse; which renders it impossible to know when to
"trust to them."

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