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15 Oct 1802 2
II Collins Extracts Supplement 2
Want of a regular market for purchasers.

No 3. Page 113. May 1798. "As the governor has received several
complaints and "petitions & complaints from the settlers there (on Norfolk Island)
"he caused + +copy to "too long "laboured" the following order to be printed and sent thither
"for their information:

'From the nature of the difficulties of which the settlers
'upon Norfolk-Island have complained, difficulties which have not
'until very lately been known to have an existence, the governor
'is led to suspect, that the same rage for traffic, and & an intemperate
'indulgence in some of those destructive gratifications which
'have so effectually ruined many of the most forward & promising
'settlers in New South Wales, have reached Norfolk-Island. —

'His Excellency, from an earnest desire to promote the prosperity
'of the island, and the true happiness of its inhabitants, has,
'since his arrival in this country, availed himself of every
'opportunity of forwarding for their accommodation a share of such
'little comforts, as accidental ships may have brought hither. But,
'he is sorry to observe, that, instead of those attentions being felt
'as an advantage, they appear only to operate as an incitement
'to more extensive dealings; a circumstance which he foresees
'must end in the ruin of many of the settlers, for whose
'welfare he is extremely anxious. He therefore urges them not
'to be led away from their real interest, by speculative
'ideas, or a desire of indulging in dangerous gratifications,
'squandering the whole produce of their hard labour in trifles,
'or in scenes of dissipation which must eventually end in
'their complete ruin. He desires that they will persevere with
'patience in the management of their farms, and the rearing of
'stock; and assures them that he has taken such steps
'as he hopes will incline the government to consider the
'inconveniencies which are sustained in this distant part
'of the world, and induce them to adopt such measures as
'will promise the colonists, before long, every European article
'that they may have occasion for at a very moderate expence;
'and by that means put an effectual stop to the impositions
'under which the industrious settlers have too long laboured."

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