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15 Oct 1802 1 II Collins Extracts Economy

1 Thus hopeless

Free settlers necessary, but hopeless.

I have already brought to view to strict dependency of
morality upon population: of the reception of the proposed habitual
profligates candidates for reformation into a ready formed society, composed of, in superior
numbers, of men better than themselves.

A community and that a numerous one — composed
of free settlers from the Mother country, is the one thing
with reference to any considerable and permanent
degree of moral improvement, the one thing needful:
that at the same hour it may be pronounced a thing
altogether hopeless: and that any approaches to the production formation
of it are altogether as little to be wished for, as to be
hoped. — Though one individual surely, who streets have perused the
mass of evidence collected brought together in these pages will
be disposed to risk his life, his labour and his property and his prospects
upon a perilous and unprofitable ad unpromising desperate an adventure:
no public man can after perusal of the same
evidence, can without the reproach of the most cruel treachery
sick to by in any way to engage or encourage
any individual to stake his fortunes embark engage in any such desperate and upon so desperate
bootless and ruinous adventure.
a game.

Scarce a discouragement circumstance of any kind: positive or
negative, that the heart of man can tend to exhibit a situation as untenable can conceive, but has
been shown by evidence to be actually in existence force there
in that disastrous region.

Opulence and mercer. accumulation of property being out of the question
two main branches of security — for acquired property in respect of the <add>man's own subsistence</add>
security against bodily and other injuries and disasters.
both may be stated as indispensable every where — both as in pre-eminent degree
deficient here
A For his means a man will be indebted partly to his
own productions — the food labour immediate labour employed in the production of them,

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