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Click Here To Edit 1 Aug. 1802
Panopticon versus N.S. Wales

An advantage of the latter description supposes some
part sort of plan formed in the first instance—some
sort of care taken throughout in the execution of it.
This supposition would as far as I have had occasion
to observe be altogether an erroneous one. Of any
thing like a plan that will bear the name of a plan—if any
like design—if any thing like care I can find
the supposition appears seems to be compleatly negatived, unless
it be that sort of plan and design and care which
that sort and degree of contrivance which has for its
object the concealing from the eye of Parliament such
features of in a measure altogether incapable of bearing inquiry
such particular measures features as on the score of their
repugnancy to constitutional failings appeared more particularly
exposed to concern. Of such a plan I
do see vestiges and pretty plain ones:—of any other
sort of plan—of any plan having for its object any public interest the welfare the
welfare of the Convict Colonists convicts themselves the welfare of the public
at large, on whose behalf they are said still to suffice.

I can find none How much longer it will continue to do
so is written in one account book higher and purer than even
those privileged bodies which have inspired so much confidence to which he applied with so much considerable a hope in public justice. Reverting for announcement rather more in default of such than information
as could be gained on this head, to the studies and the sports of youth, I tried
the experiment of the sortes Vergilianae t'other day upon a
book which, as is so apt to be the case with books, I found
so much the easier to report as it was difficult to comprehend,
and the lot I lit upon was as follows.

κῃν με φαγῃς επι ριζαν,ὂμως ετι καρποφορησω
οσσον επισπεισαι σοι, τραγε, θυομενῳ.

Applying to an old school fellow whose Greek is in better preservation
than mine can pretend to be, he bid me be of good cheer, for that
my epigram was a parable, and that parable a prophecy. That
it was no address from a vin to a Goat that had been gnawed her
down to the stump, and in which she promised the old
to spare fruit enough yet to give him a good souring, on some future auspicious day, when meeting with his deserts, he would be upon an eminence, which to his prolific imagination seemed
upon what she called the cellar of justice. Any translation is such as I could get: but the Right Honourable Gentleman, should this language
happen to lie without the compass of his learning, and should curiosity lead him to correctness be correct may obtain the very acme of correctness at any
time, for half a word to a his friend the Noble Viscount, to whom the language of Honour is no more difficult than that of Virgil to Mr Rose. His
desire upon his Lordship is not yet exhausted: for though the job done by his Lordship in a certain hour was not a bad one, yet the
job done for him in and for other places so far was so much oversteps it, especially in point of hazard perplexity to the doers, that he might venture to draw upon him
for many a more serious service, without fearing to see the balance on the wrong side.

               of  currency,
is to give it the favoured
name of private prudence.

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