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2 Aug. 1802
N.S. Wales

In point of wealth then, whatever capital portion of
the capital employ'd in the Colony is taken out without an immediate of the
mass that otherwise would have been employ'd within the
Mother Country, without return <add>and being so taken is fixed in the Colony,</add>, is so much lost to the Mother Country.
But if, notwithstanding this loss, the contribution paid
in the and by the Colony out of the annual profits of
this capital towards the expences of government in the Mother Country is as great
as would have been paid out of such the annual profits, same fund of it
had the capital remained and been employ'd within the
Mother Country — and no expence is incurred bestowed upon the Colony by government,
in such manner as to reduce the neat amount of such contributions,
then and in that case for so long as such arrangement return in
the shape of annual profit contribution
continues, the loss to the Mother Country will not be felt. If no contribution at all be received by the Mother Country — or as to
less amount — and if any such expence be so incurred — all
such deficiencies constitute so many items in the account of
annual loss.

The produce Of the capital thus employ'd in the
Colony this such part of the annual produce be it ever so abun as is consumed
or otherwise put to use within the Colony operates
in no apart degree in augmentation of the p profit, if
any, reaped accruing from the Colony to the Mother Country, or
in diminution of the loss.

As little does any such part of that produce which as, of
though imported into the Mother Country, is received
no otherwise than in payment for goods sent into the Colony
in return.

Any given sum (say £100,000) drawn fro by any
Mother Country (say Britain) from any one of its Colonies on such terms, no more
belongs to the account of profit, than if it were drawn on the
same terms from any other Mother Country — say France or Spain.

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