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2 Aug 1802 +
N S Wales

These circumstances considered, all other Colonies without
exception may be beneficial to the Mother Country —
this, considered taking it even simply on the footing of a Colony, and saying nothing
will not be the less pernicious.
of the corruptions, and miseries and oppressions of which in its other
capacity it is the scene, will not be the less pernicious

What has been said to the disadvantage of other Colonies, applies not
directly by direct by any immediate and necessary inference, beyond only to the
original policy of founding them. But though it
might have been better for this country that such of them as were they never
planted by this country had been founded never been planted — much more that
such of them we as were conquered by this country had never been
conquered by it though it were better for this country
that no addition to the number should in other way be
ever made, it would be by no means a necessary consequence
that they ought any of them now to be abandoned.
The inhabitants and proprietors of land in them those countries have
acquired a sort of right to the of this country:
a right which few of them I suppose in a would be
willing to part with, even for the moonshine path song of
independence. But it is the among th properties of this new invented
Colony, not to contain with in it any thing to
which the term property can be applied: not to afford any tolerable an security for
against any body others against the Natives, & against the imported Colonists
even nor above all against the Governor: not to contain
a human being that would not rather be any
where else: (a) (a) note here? or else, eve obliged to doomed to linger
there for life would not regard the absence of the
King , from whom alone what there such protection
as the country affords is to be had, as the most desirable
of all imaginable riddances.

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