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5 Aug. 1802
N. S. Wales

Ejected as this branch of justice has ever been out of
one half of the field ground of right belonging to it in England,
by primaeval tyranny, would any one of have expected
to see it gathered up and planted in New South
Wales? — This sight my eyes have been witness to (a more unexpected one never struck me)
with an equal mixture of pleasure and surprise and pleasure,
with double pleasure.

My authority is — as is usual . the late Judge Advocate.
In an instance (or two) which he which he mentions, for an
offence being committed which if committed in England, would
have been punishable as felony — + +the offender was sentenced to hard labour, and from the labour a produce, and for that produce was made over to the party injured on account of satisfaction for the injury. In England, he the property of the offender
going unusually would have gone the whole of it in name to the King, in effect to nobody, no part of it to any body to the
party injured, nor no nothing on the score of compensation from for the injury
neither from the property of the offender, nor from his labour,
nor from any other In speaking of the
property as going
To the disposition — the property
of the felon does not go
to any body I should have there is one
exception. If t London or Middlesex happens to be have been the scene
of the punishment or the scene of the offence — I forget which at this moment nor it is the point worth searching for in that case
if the property be worth looking after, if having been looked upon as worth going to law for and the convicts lawyer
has not having been enough, the it is recovered in form of
law, it is for the Sheriffs private benefit of the two Sheriffs
or the Attorney whom they employ as Under Sheriff that the
recovery takes place.

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