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8 Oct.

Under the new transportation system, the per transportation
is still to be performed by contract, and a property
"in the service of the offender"
(meaning the convict) is given
to such contractor in the same words: given in the first
instance by the 24 of his Majesty ; 2.c.56 V 1 and 13 where a
general power of changing future of laws ad quem on transportation was
given to the King in Council without any mention of
New South Wales or any other particular place: given
again by the 28th of his Majesty c. 24. being the sessions
next after that in which the Act was passed [27.9.3.c.2]
for the establishment of the Colony of New South Wales: given
in both instances to the Customer: but given in neither instance
to his assigns. Under the

Under the latest system the fate of the convict, and transported a comparison not <add>altogether uninteresting</add>
is that of the proceedings under or at least by colour and by virtue of the law
with the tenor of the law itself. At his landing, the
Convict finds himself de facto at the absolute disposition disposal of
the Governor: but by from what law this matter practice of fast can
receive a warrant, with not I believe am inclined
to think be very altogether easy to point out.
By the old laws, the power of assigning over his property
in the service of the transported Convict, is carefully
and uniformly bestowed upon the contracting transporter: in
the text of the new laws no such power of assignment is to be found.
To make up for In time if this power which O+ O+ in the opinion of the penners of all the laws passed under under the old system at least
was a necessary one, a power is carefully preserved care has been care
is taken at the same time to preserve a power which, necessary as it plainly was

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