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8th Oct.

under that old relinquished <add>desisted</add>, under this new system as plainly unnecessary and
compleatly useless. I mean the property as useless to the merchant transporter — the person on whom alone it is [to the person
on whom it is bestowed: —] I mean the property in the
service of the offender. The time spent on the transportation voyage
and with or without the time spent in travelling from the place of prior former
confinement to the place of embarkation and the time
spent in that place untill the moment of embarkation
is arrived — these are the only spaces of time during
which the person of the transportable convict is under
the power and care custody of the person contracting engaging by contract to
transport him to the distant place
for his transportation.
To a common intent understanding at least it seems sufficiently
obvious how perfectly exclusive the situation of the such a prisoner
is must be with regard to every [possible] use or demand which
the keepers of his person can possibly have upon him for any one
imaginable species of active service: to keep him throughout in a
state purely passive, is on these occasions the great
object — and that, as experience has but too fully shown shown, not altogether a sure or easy one. easy to secure. Thus there stands the account
of what the powers give by the legislative law to the two species
of persons, by to whom for the purpose of carrying this species
of punishment into effect according to law, legal
powers are necessary. The contracting transporter has
no imaginable use for the "service" of the convict prisoner, and to on him
a the legal "property of an such service" is bestowed: secured: the To the
Governor has a legal property in the service of the convict prisoner
at his arrival is altogether temporary; + + to the justification of the powers exercised and upon to
him too such power is given. bestowed. On other occasions

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