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Note to p.64 Economy

Armed memorial in contradistinction to unarmed. The distinction
referrs to a point of Treasury practice, distinctively enough explained at large and by examples upon examples in the course
of the narrative of which the matter this letter was to have formed a part.
Intentions or Countenance, and intentions, being all along and but too well known to be so adverse, my only
chance whatever were the applications, the only chance it had of success was for the success of any application was to
support it in a word to arm it with such reasons of such strength as should
render gentlemen ashamed not to say afraid to refuse it. Reasons of this stamp
were of course if possible not to be suffered to place themselves upon
the official shelves. Supposing the public application prayer refused, reasons shewing
the impropriety of the refusal one reasons buried as deep as they could be
buried, but still capable upon occasion of being one day brought to light, could not be very acceptable grateful
inmates: of the determination was to precise numbers in a negative at all
events, so many reasons so many accusations: even supposing the
reluctance to failing and consent extorted, still the strength of the arguments reasons
would afford no very inexplicit testimony of the mere disposition of the

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of those by whom the expenditure of the money
was planned—and of those by whom it has
been directed.

the consuming it
in hands, which
whether through timidity,
or timesavingness
or incapacity, or
ill will, have from
the first to the last
never ceased to be
employ'd in the
obstruction of it.

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