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23 July 1802 +
N. S. Wales

It is scarce possible to say what decree, & what shape Mr Pitt, or
learned gentlemen retained by Mr Pitt might not
by distress in such distress of argument be driven to say in support of
his right of legislation over in this case New South Wales. Conquest
if that would help were thought to help the business, the conquest of
New South Wales is as easily feigned as any
thing else. But if conquest is to be feigned, for
the benefit of the use made of conquest in this on this occasion respect
by Lord Coke, it may be worth their while
to observe on what ground it is & for what sort of reason sort of or consideration what reason
it is, that the insolent virtue thus ascribed to conquest has
for its ground. The reason, is a very plain and simple
satisfactory or otherwise, is intelligible
one. When a Christian King (for that is the
sort of King to whose conquests this virtue is confined) When a Christian King hath "comes" by conquest to a Christian Kingdom by
with its inhabitants . "he hath vita et necis
] that is in plain English there is nothing to
hinder to hinder him from cutting all their throats: — for any but
thing will suffice, nothing; at least for any thing that his Lordship thinks it worth his while to mention."
torn from neither want of power nor want of
right, nor want of the approbation of Lord Coke. The
notion is a pretty conclusive decisive one: but methinks with such
an advantage as he gives his Christian King — so stony
a ground as as the ground is; which his Christian Majesty has to stand upon if +
+ though it had "only been for the book' sake for former he had complemented them with the
right of giving their consent given their consent some share <add>bite
or a nominal share in the business</add> he wants to have been
much the poorer for it: for with such inducements clauses scales
as his Majesty would have th it in his power to give himself
to their consent, upon such terms the want of it would not be much
to be apprehended.

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