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24 July 1802 N. S. Wales Conduct

3 111 Non--proved

This distraction between human beings on the one
hand, and stocks and stones in the other, I can not
help looking upon, my Lord, as a distraction that
has its ground in nature, [and common sense.] Unfortunately
to this it never seems to have made obtained
its way to entrance into the minds of lawyers. If it had, either
they must have agreed from first to last on denying
Clark's case to be law — or [+] [+] from the first to starting of the question of the Kings right of legislation over Colonies, mediately or immediately makes no sort of difference — they must have agreed in
looking upon it as untenable.
If it find it
could never have entered into their conception that the
it was in the power of the King by confederating a confederacy with
a part of his subjects going withdrawing themselves
for this purpose to a distant country, remote from the
eye of Parliament, to oust Parliament of its legislative of its right of
powers over them legislating over <add>upon them</add> to withdraw them out of the I mean as was meant in Clark's case
no nor plan them under the authority of any laws due not the concurrent divinity but the exclusive right,
were made by him with or without their concurrence by
them with or without his concurrence
If it had, it
could as more Laws entered into their conception that it
was on the power of the King in confederacy with a thousand
of his subjects collected all over the kingdom from
different various towns and places including or not including
St Alban's, to set up a right of legislating without
Parliament, by going out of England [+] [+] to Virginia or Maryland then over in confederacy with a thousand
of his subjects collected in St Albans and still staying continuing
in St Alban's.

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