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13 July 1802 8 N. S. Wales Conduct

2IV. Samples Drunkenness 5

Thus far Captain Collins, What status me on the
subject, is — that probable effect of this new law is
the introducing into the traffick in question certain formalities,
or perhaps in some instances or sort of curiosity
with which it would not have been incumbered otherwise: but
how the greater consumption should be lessened by any such means is more than I can see. The owner of the grain would sell it to the Gin-shop keeper pub
-lican for the money: and was he would give have the
money to give for the gin. Which That the money should be particularly of the very
first goodness
good would not on this such an occasion be absolutely altogether necessary.
If the gin shop-keeper could not command capital enough,
in the shape of any thing called money, for this ceremony, the
comediater would then have to sell the grain to somebody
else in the first instance, in order to get the money - which
got, he might go boldly with it to the gin shop keeper
who would then have the capital to go in upon, as above.

The simple way course I still think, would have been
to have prevented the existence of the p prison by stopping preventing
as well the introduction as the fabrication of it. If both both
could not be prevented or if neither could, by what could
others course could the matter be mended? So much
no existed, so much would be drink: more could not
be; and being drunk, what mattered it by whom
drank or by whom sold? by a sinning publican,
or by a publican who was not a sinner?

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