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24 June 1802
N. S. Wales 1

§6 In the last five preceding Section I had occasion have proved to prove
to Your Lordship that the Colonial establishment [of New
South Wales] the pretended excellence of which formed one
of the grounds for the relinquishment of the Penitentiary
establishment was essentially and incurably in competive
to every one of the objects which either were or ought to be
the ends of it's institution. I had occasion have proved to provide
at the same time that not only upon the whole aggregate
of the establishment relinquished was in its notion as and eminently
competent to those several ends as the establishment at
pretended to be preferred to it was proved by experience as
well as the nature of the case to be incompetent: In this [and
this not only in respect of the aggregate of those several
ends taken conjunctively, but even upon in respect of each
of them singly taken singly:] that the fact of this incompetence was
partly matter of opinion established on a double the doctrinal <add>ground of two ground: </add>ground:
proportion:</del> heads of argument: each of these itself sufficient to the purpose
one being matter of opinion would as such not be on its own nature
susceptible of not being comprehended incapable of being inapprehended or misconceived: the other, being matter
of north-make was not in its nature susceptible of
escaping the conception of the honourable and right honourable persons concerned.
That it had actually been held up to their view by an
ar authority for which they neither did feel any contempt
nor could feel pretend to feel any such contempt as it
was so su so easy for them to feel or pretend to feel for
the individual more particularly concerned and injured[to whose prejudice they were their on their
pretence breaking the faith persevering in the break they
had so long been making in the public faith as pledged
by Parliament.] That therefore accordingly they had no doubt in
their own minds of the other in incompetency, absolute as well

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