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1 July 1802 18 1 38
N. W. Wales

Having submitted to Your Lordship this view of
the natural consequences of Mr Pitts and Mr Rose's way
of doing business, I come t now to speak more distinctly
of the probably causes of the choice thus made of it.

At a prodigious expence, Convicts were sent out by
thousands, his Majesty's troops by hundreds, besides Civil
Officers — under the highest probability of perishing every
man of them either by intestine war or by famine. By
famine a part did perish accordingly: by intestine war, happily f not any: one:
because under the auspices of necessity, [+] [+] and the protection of military force, despotism was employed to fill up the deficiencies of law. illegal power took the
place of legal.
The defenceless state of the both subject part of the
community, joined to the forcible state of the governing
part —(the military) — proved did indeed in the event, prove a security against
total destruction: in the event: but antecedently to that the event, afforded neither <add>it was not in the nature, either of
this nor <add>or
any other still greater superiority of force to afford any</add></add> security, but that could rationally have been regarded
as otherwise than poisonous in the extreme: B because
how though the army might justly be regarded
as being out of all danger of being mastered by the people,
yet in the case of hostility, that spirit of desperation and
improvidence which was so natural and in fact as Your Lordship has seen so compleatly
exemplified, would by the destruction of provisions have
been as competent to the purpose of universal destruction
by famine, as any superior from how superior soever have been to the subduing
of any inferior force. In Even in a common society
comprised as that of the Mother Country is — if in an instance
was any considerable degree of scarcity known to take place
without producing on the part of the unthinking populace, a
disposition to reduce still further by wanton destruction the
already insufficient pittance stock: how much more assuredly can this disposition to be looked for in a population composed of
the outcasts of Great Britain among whom improvidence, malevolence,
and desperation were superlative in degree, and almost universal
in extent — that they were actually to appear from every page the whole tenor
tenor, of the history given of the Colony by the Judge Advocate Captain Collins.

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