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27 June 1802 N.S. Wales 6. Conduct
I. No legislation

Probable cause
the fear of the
case already to Parliament.
A Colony for
was determined on, for
which provision for Convicts
was to be the pretence.
A proposition so comprised
and at that distance
could not be governed
(it was seen)
but by a single hand.

[+]1[+]1Somebody wanted
play at Colonies founding
Colonies are pretty
things: the further off the
prettier. That long before
it wanted to play at
founding Colonies

good luck! a whole
parcel of them had
slipped through our
fingers: this loss was
to be made up good at
any rate. This
delightful Botony bay
so full of flowers and
pretty things was
the very thing for us.
Flowers or no flowers,
wealth and power and
the never failing fruits of
the most barren Colonies, had ever been
accepted as sufficient
reasons for such delightful
acquisition. Here
besides these ordinary
uses come in the extraordinary
one of a provision
for Convicts into
the bargain.
Having submitted to Your Lordship this view of the natural
consequences I now come to speak more distinctly of the probable
cause of Mr Pitt's and Mr Rose's mode of doing business

Rushed then it was to colonize New South Wales. A
deluded people were to bear the burthen—a deluded Parliament
were to furnish the money—and Reformation, Security
and Economy were to help furnish the pretence.

A grand fraud was now/therefore to be put upon the legislature Parliament.
Upon the false pretence of keeping the punishment of transportation
upon the established footing, [+]2[+]2 it was to be placed
upon a footing
as novel in effect
powers were to be
as it was contrary to the first principles of humanity and justice,
obtained from Parliament, whereby Parliament unconsulted
and knowing nothing about
. On Under pretence
of a change in the mere sum of transportation, powers
were to be obtained, under which the whole system of
the transportation laws subjected to a system of pseudo-amendment was to be perverted in the manner
Your Lordship has seen.

On pretence of economy, birth was to be given to a system
of boundless and endless waste.

When the first step taken in the course of a business
is in the line path of fraud, perseverance in the same line
is always a natural—oftentimes an inevitable a necessary consequence.

The Colony was to be founded. A body politic political community
was to be formed: powers accordingly were to
be provided for such as must exist in every body politic political
community for keeping it together. A Colony was
to be founded—But how? As other Colonies have
been? no: that would have been impossible. The composition
of the community—the distance of the spot
were to be as as possible to those of all other existing Colonies.
In all other English Colonies—effects of a limited
Monarchy—the supreme local power—the legislative branch
at least had been limited by division: had been divided shared
out between bodies—two at least if not three.[+][+] In all those instances
there come
persons of the ordinary
complexion in point of
probity: capable of
holding power and with a
little looking after without
abusing it any great
abuse of it.
But at
this distance and in a population so composed to divide
power would have been to destroy it.

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