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N.S. Wales 16
The calculatoin was
that the legal
if feasible at all
would be attended with
more trouble.

that justice should be done: [+] :
says the King in the Registrum every where. [
the reign of their more benevolent successor of
Superior as the motives are which guide the conduct
of the humane successor of those barbarous Kings, those Ministers of
of their existing successor, if those two Ministers had candour enough has had they but to avow their own obsequiousness the power exercised over their hears by the those same royal , they would run little risk
of being distributed. According to such calculation
as could be made without too much trouble, the operation exertions
necessary by which these wretched could be delivered
over to oppression in unknown multitudes to
oppression without and would afford less molestation of
that sort to Mr Pitt and his associates, then the
which would requisite for stopping putting a stop on the the favourite
measure which if the favourite measure for putting a stop to the proposed game pastime
of colonization for grown gentleman, the game of colonization upon the new principle.
another a point in it besides the prison, in
a word for every thing but upon and the chance of
may be and likened to the no less royal game
of the game and pastime of the Goose. [In a word
it was a case in which] the inflicting oppression would promises to be attended
with less trouble than the abstaining from it: and so it happened was
that the oppression was inflicted.

The experience My own information [I have had of Mr Pitt his
man of figures and economy and figures and the sort
of calculations May it is in their nature to be governed
by all to speak on their part with
a degree of confidence more than ordinary confidence beyond what would sit well on every
body. It is to the later calculation a similar to a calculation
conducted in the same late principle that I am Your Lordship
is indebted for the trouble of this address, and myself
for the occasion of it that of the research</add. that of the research which has given
occasion to it.</p> <note>[+] to administer that
species of motive in
any the smallest degree
was altogether <add>would be and is
out of
the power of those poor
wretches.</note> Other parties there were but
few and in number and concerned
in degree their
conduct might be for on the same principle
the having a
conclusion not to speak of as well
as an object and
a few other such points
which are wanting to
this game
The motive of saving
trouble was the same
that determined Pitt
as to the putting off
Panopticon — whence
the occasion of this address.
But this personal prudential
calculation may in the
long run be found to be
no better grounded than
the already examined
economical ones.
Though perhaps both
calculations may in the
end come to be disapproved
by unexpected circumstances.

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