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13 June 1802 39
N. S. Wales

One A case there is as (I have just been observing) in
which the intervention of a private Contractor is not necessary.
This is where a Convict having been convicted
of an unclergyable offence of
the offence being an unclergyable
felony —
an offence punished with death
the Convict has received "a conditional pardon" on condition of transportation
for "any number of years" or "for .. life". In this
case a case is supposed by a special exception, power
is reserved or granted to his Majesty to "authorize" the Convict the to
perform the operation of transportation be his own transporter upon himself.

By this clause does a good deal more is done than is
said by it. What it professes is to give All it speaks of is giving is a transient momentary
accommodation: wh but in addition to this it gives
without speaking of it, as if it were a thing not worth
speaking of, perpetual freedom in the room of equally
perpetual bondage.

The reason final cause of this distinction is not difficult to
conceive. In Among chargyable felonies it seldom happens that
the offences any offences are included by but offences of low bred indigence: if
the offence of a man an uneducated man, who was
or ought to have been a working man, gaining his habituated to livelyhood by common labour: to a man of this class
forced labour will is not apt to present itself as an inapposite punishment. But unclergyable felony is a class born
of wider extent comprehending in addition to the former
those offences which now and then may fall to the lot
understood to belong to the class of gentlemen — such as
Murder, Rape, Forgery for example — but above all Traditional State delinquency disaffection & State offences
in under a variety of denominations. shapes. and For example the case of the Irish
Rebels, and English and Scotch seditionists.

27 G.3. c.2.§.1
24 G. 3. c. 56.§.1

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