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28 June 1802
N.S. Wales 6. Conduct
3. Convict Lot

is not very usual) Parliament should not think fit
to accede to the an amendment thus proposed by Administration
(the persons most active in the support of the
original ideation of the system being likewise having been the very persons
to propose in Parliament the sacrifice of it to this same
one) is that possible but most compleatly improbable
case the worst that could happen would be to go on
without the system in the form in which it stands already
approved by Parliament.

An answer was not give, when Earl Spence
whose ground it was that on the submission of his noble
father had been thus seised upon and appropriated by a
Jury) came into the Cabinet: and then it was, that
the law that was binding upon the rest of his Majesty's subjects all men that were not
above the law
was no longer binding upon Lord Spencer.

Thus it was that partly by one means or other—silence
inaction—silence—looks—gestures—hints[+][+]through channels
remote by I know not
how many degrees from
the unapproachable source
of power.
I found that
no such a progress this prompt was by to much too
prompt for the existing circumstances. The Bill however
was permitted to be drawn and [+][+] and by the powers
of conscience and negligence
suffered at length
to be.
by might and passed into one
Act—the Penitentiary Contract Act of 1794: care having been being first taken on it
to exempt the new raise the new accession minister of the public/ornament of member to the Cabinet from the
obligation of the law: and the object and sole object and purpose
of this Act, was to legalize the substitution of the proposed
interested management to trust management, on the same
ground land already provided or different ground land according
to the will and pleasure of the Noble Lord to whose man thus set above
the law
supposed personal interest and inexorable sollicitations
the interest of the public, as well as the personal taken
by Mr Pitt were thus postponed and sacrificed[+2] [+]2 and who having been
drawn into office, as
was then said by an
alarm which he
shared in common with
the greater part of the
public was compelled urged

by the more urgent peculiar alarm
of being obliged to accom and the
as his father had been to an
obligation of accommodating
the public
with fourscore at the usual liberal price with forescore acres an interest in fourscore acres of land, which it was more pleasant equable to him to keep than part with.
offered up in sacrifice
had thus been sacrificed.

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