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13 July 1802 N.S. Wales Conduct
V. Mischief

Mischiefs to which
the Colony and
the Governor were
exposed and under
which they partly
suffered by the
want of legal

Upon the whole either I am much mistaken, or it will
appear but too plainly that the task set by these legislators
and founders to their Agents in the ever improving Colony
and in particular to their Governor have been from first to last a most compleat compleatly Egyptian one that
not to mention speak of/dwell on minor evils, among the enemies they have given him delivered
him up bound hand and foot
to control with have been—Famine—Depredation and MischiefDestruction
in all their shapes—Hostility Savage hostility—Fire
—Drunkenness—Irreligion—Emigration: with anarchy
in front or in rear, ready at any time to bring in or
tred on the heels of all these words—that in exposing
him to all these evils at once they have left him
without sufficient legal powers to combat any one: that
against all these evils he actually as combated—
combated with arms forged by necessity, because denied
by law:—that universal destruction would have been
probably a probable result, if the legal importance haughtiness of the governors had been
known to the governed—if the governed had been in the
scent of the legal importance of the governors—universal destruction
would now have been a probable result: that
it was only by the assumption of legal powers—and
as it were in spite of the ignorance and negligence of the
founders here at home, that this probable result was saved prevented
from relieving itself: that as it is there is not
a Governor, past or present, nor perhaps a Magistrate
nor perhaps an individual now or formerly in the improved
Colony that might not be horrified by who is not exposed to ruin to be ruined by actions
to actions upon actions at law for powers exercised with or
without the sanction of necessity but at any rate without
the sanction of law: exposed to ruin of which the negligence
and ignorance to say no worse of these pseudo-legislators statesmen would be
the guilty cause

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