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March 1802

Grounds of relinquishment. 4. New South Wales. Disregard of the
Conspiracy to
such objects

Here I will beg leave to propose to your Lordship
an experiment. Get together hold of all these official and
differently titled personages whose predilection for the
delightful and flourishing Colony of New South
Wales has been so prominent. Table Ask Mr Long
Mr Ron, Mr King, Mr Baldwin, or Mr Duke
about the ends of punishment about example
and reformation and conspiration and for offering
post-liberation and anti-liberation and anti-correction
&c &c ask them about the several ingredients in
the matria medica of Police and Penal Law.
Observe their gasping vacant stare. As well What do they
answer of these things?—What study thought have they been
accustomed to bestow upon such things? As well might
you ask them about or algebra. What
have we to do would their answer be .
What have we to do with such abstractions—such
speculative matters—such theorems—leave them
to book worms and projectors such as the troublesome
man whom we found it so necessary to . Our What
business we understand is practice—the art of keeping things
making the wheels of government run smooth
and easy—the art of accommodating our friends.

The art of keeping as clear as possible of the labour toil
of thinking the powers and and other sweets
of office.

Our maxims of government are those of Mr John
. We know of no good ever coming from reformation.

+ Ask the
, the
of their squad
the Right Honourable
the deviant Minister
What should he
Ask him what value
he puts upon those
crampt homes
some novel, all
dry and .
What seat station could he
find for them in
the regions of common
place. What
could he or any
body do make of them where
there is a space?

What they study—what
they are at home in &

is the art of making things
easy to themselves. Public
agreeable to themselves
and friends

spirit or liberality the
art of making things
agreeable to their friends.

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