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31 May 1802 (39
N. S. Wales

more magazines if created it would require that <add>such</add> a degree
of severity as against depredation, as which appears altogether
incompatible with the predominant character
of the people such as it has been proved predicted to be again,
and such as it has been stated to be by Captain Collins.
Government taking the supply of its own people into its
own hands; and leaving the free Settlers to their fate, could
by its own exertions produce I suppose in time its
own stock of provisions ordinary and extraordinary,
and its own quantity of magazine room for both
those branches of the supply: but still there would remain
the want of security, an obstacle seemingly scarce surmountable,
it and which applies to this case as well
as the other.

Dep Rapacity it is to be observed is not the most
formidable of the motives against which security has
to struggle: the lure of mischief whether through sport
or enmity, is another. Rapacity can not be gratified
by fire: but forc in the hand of sport or enmity, forc
is the most ready instrument, as well as destructive beyond beyond
measure the most destructive.

Ireland seems of itself to promise the Colony
a supply of recruits — and that not likely for a time of
which it seems / difficult to predict the end — to whom
the prevalence of their own laws seems to be an inferior object in comparison
of the delight of destroying those of other men
Recapitulation of the

General heads of deficiency rea recapitalati in regard
to a secure and permanent gratuitous stock of the means
of sustenance — Wanting.

1. General disposition adequate to the production of produce the amount of the current
demand. 2. Special inducement adequate to do. 3. Magazine room for do. 4. Security for the magazines and their
contents. 5,6,7 and 8th the same wants repeated in respect
of the necessary standing surplus for provision against accidental failure.

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