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26 June 1802

N.S. Wales 26 June 1802
4 continued
2 Decreasing choice &

then by burning them there would be—to send them to Newcastle.+(a)

That misfortune At the Cape of Good Hop while
his Majesty we had a garrison there, there was a demand for Coals
and was it should seem of no small urgency: at least I mean if to judge of
the urgency may be judged of by the price at least by cost to Government which from good
authority I understand to have been about
a . If from New South Wales they could
have been obtained for any thing less than that price
there would have been the place to obtain send them to
from New South Wales: But this extra demand having
been obtained produced in a thinly peopled spot by a
numerous war garrison, happily or unhappily, this resource
is at an end.+ See Monthly Mag. Aug. 1802
a further account
If profitable, it might better from England
than from N.S. Wales.

Note (a) Collins's Conclusion
p.523. Sept. 1796
Ordinary prices of labour
In Norfolk Island.
"Cutting down and burning
"off an acre of wood £2:0s:0d
"deduct do a do of weeds 1:10:0.
Remains price paid
for an acre of wood
ready cut down but

for how much less
would the same quality
of fewel in the shape of
Coal be got obtained at
the same equal distance from
the place where it was
wanted to be consumed?

For a tree to be made fit for masts, the side
branches must be cut off. This operation being as far
as the use of the word for fewel is concerned being performed
gratis, one should have thought that the further operation
of cutting it into ought to be performed with rather
less labour than what would be required for the gaining
and working of a Coal mine. On the spot, there is
certainly that particular experience which it may be supposed
is of a nature to supersede all such general reasoning.
But this supposes gentlemen there+ to be not only good
naval officers and good Governors but good Coal
and good Husbandmen a supposition which reviewing the matter at this distance seems as liable
to fail as any of those general principles. The accounts
of this part of the establishment—these accounts supposing
men to be to such a degree versatile all former accounts as to
bear producing would place this part of the question in a
clearer point of view.

+ to have made kept the
requisite minute accounts calculations
and made the requisite
calculations and in
a word to be

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