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5 June 1802 N.S. Wales
Not Now
5. Economy
3. Colonial advantage

Such is the advantage of all Gibraltars, of all Maltas,
all Minorcas all Capes all Falklands Islands—
all stations of ideal imaginary, and inascertainable, imaginary therefore inestimable
convenience. The cost is so much
hard money real wealth: so much hard moneysubstantial property, coming from
the destroyed by the most aggressive tax of all taxes: for by
the advantage itself, not being reducible to money is so much .

I say in all cases by the most oppressive of all the existing taxes taxes in existence
in the whole country of all taxes: since by giving up the advantage with its cost, this tax
whatever it be might, to the amount of that cost be got rid of expunged.
Those expences

In both I say then, that with reference to
both those objects, the advantage ascribed to this station
is ideal, because the advantage from all war stations
maintained in peace is ideal. But admitting that the
advantage in all those other instances of all others to be real, still in this
it is ideal, because this is the being in that capacity in so pre-eminent
a degree destitute even in that capacity of all imaginable

That a man should strutt about upon the public
stage talking of wisdom and honour and glory
the slang of the murderer)
for the part together with security for the future while
speaking all the while they are spending the public money, because it is
other peoples money in a manner which would stamp
the imputation of folly and imprudence upon a man were
he seen thus dealing with his own.

Taxation Taxes as far as security
for property is concerned
is the great the hereditary
disease of the body politic.
Is the supposed advantage a
real one? it will neither
the disease, or at any
rate it will not because it
aggravates it.

Is an alleged advantage
a real one?
it will then save money
or taxes. Is it really an
advantage? Still you
have not intituled yourself
to call it such, till you
have shewn to what amount
and by what specific means it promises
to save money in

Is it good morality?
apply it again in private
life. Would
the foreman of the
not form but manage
the national trade as
the foreman of a brewery
manages that of
his principal; there
would be no useless
establishments, and there
would be no wars.
There is no more economy A Minister would
no more in settling an untaxable
colony as keeping
an unproductive port
than the a perhaps
£20,000 or £30,000 for
a Ton or a Vat to
look at. There is
no more
morality neither is
there more prudence
in insulting Bavaria
than in insulting a
Dutchman—in insulting
all Spaniards than
in insulting one.

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