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15 June 1802
N. S. Wales

My Lord it is not by prejudice that I have been
led thus to make war against Colonies. My quarrel is
not with reasons. When the state of things is different —
where the names by which I have been forced to look
upon Colonies in general as losing establishments and
therefore indefensible ones cease, then ceases my hostility against

In speaking of New South Wales considering the
establishment in its intended or pretended capacity of an
instrument of reformation — + + in its intended capacity of an instrument of incapacitation, in regard to future delinquency I have marked this that Colony instrument
as an instrument essentially incapable of being
applied with any effect to such its either of those intended or pretended
use uses.

I could name a Colony and will name a Colony
in regard to which the word approbation would be
too cold a term to express the feelings excited by the
view consideration of the measure and the object it has in view.
Here indeed was reformation: was the an object<add> in view and in this case </add> and not without a solid ground
of hope. There indeed was incapacitation — was an object on this occasion though the
application of the term may-not at the first mention of it be perceived. Here indeed was economy: a
Colony founded upon the only true and honest principle: founded
not at the expence of the poor of the Mother country, but at the expence of the opulent and humane benevolent
and truly pious founders. If in the application of these
terms there be still a hint of obscurity I will explain
Truth is not to be kept with Murder is not to be abstained from in the case of negroes The expence government supply necessitated by the war. I experienced no confidence — I betray none. Mr Pitt and Mr & Mr King has no reason to complain of this. The more evident it became that the conduct of men in power in my instance was indefensible the more decided were they not to hear of it.

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