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N. S. Wales

of partial, ill calculated, false expediency: as all supposed
expediency is, that is aimed at, or even compassed, at the
expence of that superior expediency, which follows with or
without being looked for — in the train of justice. —

According to this false rule, such arrangements should
have been taken, as should have had for their object the
effectual prevention of the return of every individual Convict
that had ever been consigned to that scene of intended annihilation:
and that as well at all times from and after the
expiration of his legal terms of punishment, as before it.—

I say every Convict: for what individual Convict breathing
ought ever to have been suffered to return? An ill behaved
man? Then what becomes of the Mother Country and its security?
A well behaved man? then what becomes of the economy of
the settlement, and the only chance it has of contributing any
thing, in some distant Century, to the object of Reformation?—

These being the two plans—grounded on the two rival
principles — one of them alone consistent with justice and ultimate
utility — each consistent with its own principle — which
was the plan actually pursued? The answer has been
already given: For years together, neither the one nor the other,
nor any plan at all: at length — when every thing that
would have been presented to a capable mind by forecast, had
been forced upon incapable minds by experience — the unjust
one. For years together, they had not so much as begaun to
think: and the moment they did begin to think, their
thoughts were bent upon injustice.—

Captain Collins will inform us. Speaking of the month
of August 1792, near four years after the first arrival, "the getting
Collins p. 230 —"away

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