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N. S. Wales VII Escapes

of Colonies who, with whatever views, pitched upon this unprecedented
and matchless distance ( )

This general modification, by which the condition of
Expirees was for the first time brought upon the carpet being
explained, I proceed to collect the manifestations that occurr
of the conduct observed by the local government in relation to it.

In this little piece of history, it will be necessary to
distinguish two periods: the one preceding the point of time at
which the first intimation of the intentions of Administration
here at home in relation to the liberty in question appears (as far
as the information extends) to have been received: the other subsequent
to it.

I. Conduct

( ) In the anecdote, besides the main point, we see another exemplification
of the spirit of injustice with which the whole system
is impregnated. It was not enough to stretch into a perpetual
punishment a punishment of which there remained but two
years fourteen or seven years - the same extension was here
given to a punishment of which there remained but two
years. An account of a set of extensions more or less numerous,
in the same strain, but some of them (I understand)
barbarous in the degree, will be among the account which Your
Lordship's Most Noble predecessor will one day perhaps have to give. In
some recent instances, Convicts whose confinement in New South
Wales would have become illegal almost as soon as it would
have commenced, were liberated at the indication of a person very
near to me, from the oppression to which they had been doomed
under the auspice of his Grace: and I had the satisfaction
to learn that it was to Your Lordship's justice, that he is
indebted for the few items struck out of the catalogue of his
res gestae, in a relation to this his "improved Colony."

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