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VII Escapes I. Conduct of the Governor towards Expirees, principally in relation
to their liberty of departure, before the month of August 1792: being
the time at which the intelligence was received, of the Instructions
subjecting it to his will and pleasure.

No. 1 (p. 74) July 1789. The situation in which Expirees in
general now found themselves placed has been already stated.
By one individual in particular, an experimental proof of the
nature of the situation was at this same time received. The
only evidence by which the Governor's right to confine any body
in New South Wales could be established not being forthcoming,
a man in whose instance there was no doubt but
that his time of punishment was expired, claimed his liberty.
For the course of his argument, having used some words which
though not mentioned were deemed "disrespectful to the
"Lieutenant Governor", he was punished with six hundred lashes,
and kept in irons for six months. A very instructive example
certainly: it showed more what was to be got by talking about rights.

No. 2 (p. 130) August 1790. Another freeman trying to quit the
Colony punished "for taking a very improper mode". The act itself
consisted in the exercise of that liberty which the law of the land
had saved to him, and which no man alive had any right so
much as to pretend to give him leave to exercise. The impropriety
of the mode consisted in the not asking leave, at the risk of
receiving six hundred lashes and wearing irons for six months.
Mode of punishment of course flogging though not mentioned:
number of lashes not mentioned. This freeman "was punished together
with a Convict" (bondsman) who had made a like attempt
in the same ship at the same time. As far as can be judged,
right or no right made no sort of difference.

No. 3.

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