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Your Lordship has now before you the whole train of occurrences
by which the sort of regard is paid in the "improved" colony
to liberties acknowledged even there (as your Lordship has seen) to be
due by law, is testified: which occurrences are here given, exactly
as they stand reported, by the person of all others the most competent
to report them - the Judge Advocate. They are not articles
picked out from a greater number for this purpose. Those, which
have been stated on this occasion, added to the others in which
an account is given of the several parties which at later periods
with or without permission were fortunate enough to get
away are all that have any bearing on this point.

The Statements given on that former occasion, shaped as they were
then to the purpose of that occasion, present in the aggregate a picture
not altogether irrelevant to the present purpose. The subjoined table
exhibits of one view the whole of the information we have been favoured
with by the Judge Advocate, respecting the number of the convicts of both
descriptions (Expirees or Non expirees) who with or without permission
had taken their departure from the Colony, before he quitted it: to
which is added the account of the unsuccessful attempts.—( )


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Note ()

Shewing the number of convicts that, in about 5 years, viz. from 3rd December 1791
to October 1796 are reported by the Judge Advocate as having quitted or attempted
to quite New South Wales: distinguishing whether with or without permission
of the Governor, and if without, wither Expirees or Non-Expirees

No. Page Time In what ship Expirees with permission Expirees without permission Non-Expirees without Permission.
1 130 22nd Aug. 1790 Neptune ------0 {Discovered sent back & flogged}1 {Not flogged (a woman)} 1 {Discovered sent back & flogged} 1
2 190 3 Dec 1791 Albermarle & Active ------0 --"Some" --- --- "Some"
3 268 19 Feby 1793 Bellona ------2 {Discovered and sent back}2 0 {Discovered and sent back}2-0
4 283 24 Aprl 1793 {Shah Hormugear and Chesterfield} -----5 -----0 -----0
5 290 4 June 1793 ... -----11 -----0 -----0
6 315 13 Octr 1793 {Sugar Cane & Boddingtons -----7 {Discovered & sent back} 2-0 "some"
7 398 9 July 1794 Resolution- {As many as were necessary to compleat the ship's company ----0 -----13
8 400 15 Decr 1794 Daedalus ----14 ----0 -----0
9 {429 461} 18 Sepr 1795 {Endeavour and Fancy} ----50 ----0 -nearly 50
10 457 18 Feby 1796 Other ----0 ----0 {...and...others
11 469 Begin 9 Mar. 1796 Geres ----0 ----0 sent back 8 - 0
Total -- 89 {Add 1 parcel unnumbered at 8 per parcel as per No 9} 2 8 Total - 10 {Add 3 parcels unnumbered at 8 per parcel as per No 9 Total "nearly" - 65 24 89

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