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any mark of disapprobation has been ever manifested by them,
it lies upon them to plead it in extenuation of their crimes. —

One plea there is, though in the way of apology rather
than defence, a plea which, threadbare as it is, must yet be
noticed, as being the only one. I mean that which may be
drawn from the dangerous characters of the individuals thus
injured, and the injury to which the community here at
home would have been exposed, had they been restored at
the respective periods to the exercise of their rights. In the mention
of this subterfuge I am sorry to be obliged to touch upon
a state of things the idea of which cannot present itself without
exciting strong sensations of regret: I means in every breast that
feels the force of those distressing circumstances which in case
of the relinquishment of this scene of abominations set prudence
at variance with justice, and the difficulties that press upon
the choice as to the best mode of disposing of these dangerous
and obnoxious members and as to the means, by which the
security of the community here at home and the regard due
to the rights and feelings of the individuals in question there,
may as far as the nature of things admitts be most effectually

But though the subterfuge be the only one, I am
almost ashamed to trouble Your Lordship with so palpably futile
an one. Admitting that, so far as the condition of the individuals
in question is concerned whatever has been done is in
every instance exactly the very best thing that could have
been done: it would not afford the smallest excuse for the engagement
so solemnly and publickly taken to do the contrary.
Admitting the necessity of every thing that has been done in

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