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every point except that of the authority under which it has
been done — what follows? what would the guilty gain by it?
[+] Jeopardy [+] re the necessity what it did it apply to Does the necessity apply itself to the subversion of the constitution,
and the violation of the fundamental laws? — Grant that the
laws that would have been made this last session, if these
same self-commissioned legislators had taken upon themselves
during that time the whole of the business of Parliament
would have been exactly of the same tenor — word for word —
as those that actually were made by Parliament. would this
have afforded the smallest excuse to them for constituting themselves
sole legislators in contempt of Parliament. —

By which of the two opposite views of the matter were
they led into this contempt? What was their conjecture about
Parliament? That it would sanction their plans? — or that it
would refuse its sanction to them? — In either case their conduct
is almost equally without excuse. Multiply the apprehended
mischief a thousand fold — call the returning Convicts millions
instead of thousands — what would the excuse be bettered by it? —
not a tittle. — Necessity of confining them there? — necessity of
doing what has been done? — Be it so: — but where was the
necessity of doing it without Parliament? — the same necessity
exactly as there is for the imposing the taxes of next Session
without Parliament. Natural necessity (I have admitted it before)
is a justification: factitious necessity, neither justification, nor
even excuse, but aggravation: it is the addition of fraud to
whatever may be the crime attempted to be exercised by it. —

On pretence of securing the community against the
return of those obnoxious members they set on foot a measure —
a measure persevered in for these fourteen years — by which

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