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31 N. S. Wales

VII. Expirees
indeed a most distressing one. Most anxiously do I wish and by no
means without hope (for the time is not ripe for confidence)
that to Your Lordship it will be no less so After what has
been done it is not possible to do any thing that shall not
have evil in it. What remains, is to reduce the mass of
it to its least dimensions. The error most to be guarded
against, is - the being to such a degree confounded and
disturbed with the aspect of the least possibly evil course,
as to fly from it, to a worse.

To the authors of the difficulty - to a Mr Pitt or
his man of all work all this talk about difficulty would
appear difficult in the extreme. A single horse laugh
would dispose of it. What difficulty does a blind man
ever feel about colours? - But I hope such case as his is
not among the fixtures of his office.-

One question it is impossible to stave off. Shall
their confinement in the land of false imprisonment be
put an end to or continued? Shall the promises so
distinctly given and broken be at length fulfilled, or continue
broken for evermore? The latter course perpetuates
the oppression of so many thousands of our fellow subjects,
besides the scandalous and melancholy example of so
many violated laws. The other throws back into the
community, in a collected torrent, that mischief from which,
drop by drop, at the price of so many painful efforts, it
had been supposed to be relieved.

In regard to whatever danger many be apprehended
from a general return of Expirees (being those
who could not under their sentence be subjected to confinement

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