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N.S. Wales 19 continued

6, 4 Baldwin
the Dukes Law

There was Mr William Baldwin a gentleman conquest
conquered made from the same profession and from the same
branch of the profession, by the Duke of Portland—
a Barrister senior in age and standing to Mr King and
a Gentleman who though under the humble title
of Law Clerk, and in a station subordinate to Mr
King enjoy'd Secretary, recie was receiving set down that in the very year of that letter these letters, for a
salary superior to that of Mr King his superior in office—a Gentleman Lawyer
paid by the Duke of Portland at this unexampled
expence of public money,+ for trying if possible to
keep him out of all such scrapes & forfeits such such as these. those sort of one of which
viz: the one here in question the industry of the
learned Gentleman seems rather to have become employ'd
in drawing his noble patron there in keeping
him out of it.

7. Nepean

to King

There was Mr Nepean—Mr King's senior
in office and predecessors in that same office—thus
was MrNepeans convinced of the impropriety of these
propositions on the part of Mr King and Mr King's
Duke and Mr King's Duke's Law Clerk labouring
to impress upon Mr King his conviction of this
impropriety and bringing with the whereby the part of success
your Lordship has seen the fruit.

with an Act of Parliament, nor not capable of doing in
which is not there—nor yet incapable of

Mr Kings to 1500
Mr Baldwin's to 1625

+ not surely for keep plunging
him into, but to
keep to

thus was Mr Nepean
not for the
honour of that office
which he had adorned
and which Mr King
had done by as Your Lordship

+ thus was Mr
King Nepean in
the character of an
Amicus curiae doing
this part of Mr Baldwin's
without any part of
Mr Baldwin's salary
for it.

Mr Nepean not indeed
a lawyer a man of law yet not
either above or below beneath

+ under the pretension of
leaving looked into it to
take upon himself to trample
it set aside the provision

---page break---

an Act which is not of the number of those which on
this occasion be it it seemed to him to he thought fit to examined and understood
the object of—it is to this (and its continuations) Act that
he is indebted for all the authority he has ever had for
sending Convicts to the Hulks, as well as for all the warrant
the nearest approach to an authority from Parliament for
keeping transportable Convicts in any the smallest numbers or for any the
shortest length of time in the Gaols.

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