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N.S. Wales

12 June 1802

VII. Escapes

Till now, the mask had been kept on—the hand of tyranny oppression had
worked unsecure—the force—the preventive powers of local distance— of nature had been trusted to—nature itself
having been corrupted into thus perverted by into an instrument of iniquity
a tool of dispensing power. The mask was now thrown off—and
the monster presented himself itself and
all under its dominion, its gaining form and colours
to all its ugliness natural ugliness in undisguised deformity.
in Not only had this most obvious precaution been
neglected, but at this time no instructions whatever for authority
the Governor, in the view any such view as that of preventing to throwing any obstacles in the way of the
return of convicts—at least of de jure emancipated convicts—
had been received. For at this very time (as we learn
from the paragraph next before the above) "Such as would
"be desirous of returning to England were informed, that no
"obstacle would be thrown in their way (in the way of
"those convicts whose sentences of transportation had expired) they
"being at liberty to ship themselves on board of such vessels
"as would give them a passage."+2

What is curious is that in the very paragraph before
this it appears we are told that

+ Collins p.229

I mean to all under
its dominion - (to all
I mean that are
under its dominion)

+1 I mean that face
of it which was sure,
where its power was felt
in South Wales: for the
face that seen in
this country was never
compleatly unmasked till now.

+2 Such was the communication
—such was the language
which at which justice
would naturally dictate to honourable
minds unfettered as yet
and uncorrupted, by
instructions as illegal oppressive and
perfidious instructions
as they were illegal.

Yet, it is after this, that among the Yet as an axiom amongst the ingredients ingredients in the composition of the
"utility" of this "settlement", the "circumstances of its freeing
"the mother country from the depraved branches of her
II is maintained by its advocate Judge a deviant Judge Captain Collins, and put first
advocate upon the list.+ For As the foundation of the Colony, and
for several years after—not a thought bestowed by
any body Mess.rs Pitt and Rose—either by the man of eloquence
or by the his man of economy (for as to the ostensible founder
light lay the earth upon his tomb)
lay let earth light upon his tomb and upon his memory)
not a thought upon this <add>the most prominent object of the institution—the least palpably
upon those predominant objects the least implausible of all
its objects of the institution. For years together after receiving communications upon communications received being received/flowing pouring in all the whole from the settlement— at home
and all the while at the Treasury
all pure negligence, in this quarter as in all others, negligence was
without excuse. At last, when the idea of possibility was beat

II Preface p. ix, x.

+ Whence then it may
be added, comes this language,
and under circumstances
so little favourable,
to the use of it?
Whence? but that such
as I have all along said)
was the design in both
floors of the Treasury,
and the design
the only ostensible
things one being of no
no secret, such was
the conversation
on the subject, there and
elsewhere. The design
—the known design—
(there being a design) he
of course would speak
from;—the plan, neither
he nor any body could
speak from—there being
none Why?—because there
was none.

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