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N.S. Wales

27 June 1802

VII Escapes


topsy-turvy, the presumption was—in favorem servitates.
In this preposterous state of things, when any thin so many
things that were illegal was had been rendered necessary,
judgment is perpetually if accompanied with a due pro
share of candour, is perpetually at a stand. But a
proportion about which there can be no difficulty, is
that this abomination, if not and the result of pure
negligence, and not contrived on purpose by the same
, where had devised this quiet mode
of making and amending virtual amendments in
of the laws of Parliament, goes belongs at any
rate to the credit of those founders and confounders of Colonies who, with whatever views,
upon a spot at this unexampled and uncommon
distance and unprecedented and matchless distance.(a)

by the ingenuity of
the of morality

right honourable and
honourable powers
at home.

It appears by the
same documents, that
Convicts who had no
more than 2 years
remaining were sent
out in the design of
their never returning.

(a) In this anecdote, besides the main point we see another exemplification
of the spirit of injustice, with which the whole system
is impregnated. It was not enough to into and to
into a perpetual punishment a punishment
of fortune or seven years—the same addition extension was here
given to a punishment of which there remained but
two years. An account a set of which of extensions more or less numerous in the
same strain, but some of them (I understand) unjust barbarous in
the degree, will be among the many accounts which Your
Lordships most noble predecessor will one day (I trust)
perhaps have to give. In some recent instances two
Convicts whose time would have expired confinement in New South Wales would have become illegal almost as
soon as it would have commenced, were liberated
at the intercession indication of a person very near to me, from
the opposition fate to which they had been doomed under the
his Grace's auspices of his Grace:
auspices of his Grace: and the management of his subordinates:
and I had the satisfaction to hear that it
was to your Lordships justice, what the country is indebted they are indebted+

+ he is indebted
for the few items
thus struck out of the
catalogue of their his
oppressions exploits
res gestae, in and or
in relation to this his
"improved Colony."

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