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N.S. Wales

24 May 1802

3. Incapacitation

and return
is most easy
to the most dangerous

Another consideration is that the degree of difficulty or facility which a
man finds when there, in bringing back in this way the real
and effectual amount quantum of his punishment on their way
to the supposed and formally declared length of it
that is in counteracting and defeating this principal
and substantial advantage expected from the characteristic
constitution and secret organization of the punishment of the difficulty or facility
or difficulty he experiences in affecting his return to
that country from which, in consideration of the mischiefs
apprehended from its his presence, the hope of returning
is that he shall never be able to return,
no sort of proportion to the particular misch dangerousness,
real or supposed, of his character and disposition—bears
no regular proportion to the probable real or suppose or supposed probable
magnitude or probability of the of those mischiefs apprehended at
his hands.

This case is even rather worse than if the proportion
were partly fortuitous. The most dangerous species of
of delinquents are those who can with greatest certainty
command the means of their return,+ the more of
science and connection among depredators: those who have laid upon the Master-dealers who
share a portion have scraped together and laid up a capital out of the profits of their trade: the
receivers of stolen goods, those whose who by the nature of their prolific deportment
in the division of criminal labour renders them
to are in a nest of connected malefactors depredators what the
Queen bee is to in the hive. It is the indigant
unconnected unenterprizing malefactor alone that stays for want of
the means of earning buying his way back in the face
of day and according to law: it is the unenterprizing
and thereby the least dangerous species of malefactor that is
most apt to stay there for want of making the that has being able to employ with finesse those
means of escape which
the daring and his more ingenious
and industrious and
and dangerous comrades
make are of such
in such abundance
abundant and successful
use of.

+ are those who
occupy the highest
stages in the hierarchy
of criminality:
the first Lords of
the Treasury in the
commonwealth of

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