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N.S. Wales

27 June 1802

6. Conduct
2. No plan
2. Causes

Rose should be rewarded
like Perillos.
Rose & Pitt like
the ministers of Idomeneas
in Telemachus.

Does not the history of Perillos and his bull present
itself on this occasion, to any mind accustomed to connect
the idea of analogy with that of justice? Would the
harm be great, if were the denomination of Rose hill to be
sent to the spot immortalized by his name—with 1 under the direction for example of his own
of the wretches unfortunates, for example who, in pursuance to his instructions of
which were so truly his in spirit if not in name
were flogged for the exercise of the rights which had been so carefully though ineffectually reserved to them
by law the very law under colour of which they were thus confined and punished thus
by Parliament illegally in this land of thraldom. our kind taskmaster one having been taken, that which by some unaccountable
as a former care might in that case be taken, that by some oversight, as "unaccountable
oversight, the papers necessary to ascertain whether
on what footing he came there, and for what length of time,
should be life in England, till life lef the breath of life left
him. Would the commanding high place station in a region
selected with views of economy, for the purpose of throwing
out and keeping out.

+ to exhibit in practice
the economy he approves.

+ Would not the exemplary
of the be
improved (as much at least in
the improved colony) if for the
of his labour
a sentence
the direction of his industry were
to be committed to

for seven years would
it be not be so illegal—
(the length of illegal punishment
would not be
so great) as the virtual the lawless
doom of his
of his
the virtual sentence though illegal
sentence for life has been to each
one of the many hundred
poor wretches miserables whom that
has at different times
diverted to that

In A land in which the God or Goddess of Economy, if there were one,
would be the divinity, and in which if not that no other divinity
is worshipped— be an unsuitable situation for the exercise would such a land be a situation altogether unsuitable
of economy such as his? Or such Might not the scene of
Protesilaus and Timocrates in scenes re-enacted
Hippias and Protesilaus be re-enacted in the Island of New
South Wales as such in between the man
of economy and the man of eloquence and had this man of economy as in Samos
by those Ministers unworthy Ministers of the good Idomeneas,
by the Counsellors of Idomeneas, and with equal /distinction
and advantage? to an observing world?—+ Happily The Colony would
not be quite so unless as it is, if a pair of Scholars so well
acquainted with read in the red book of power, were+ in the black book of experience,
to learn the nature and use of justice: set to learn what a lesson, which hitherto
may have been so much more exercised in teaching than
in learning—the nature, use and value of justice.

+ Discite justitiam moniti, et non temnere divos.

+Can St Stephen afford Does Britain produce
no Minister who will
occupy his generous labours
in preparing so edifying
a catastrophe?

+ sent to that soi-distant
improved, and
at any rate instructive
school, and, with the
black book of experience
on their back/shoulders
in their hands.

+ They both true
One of them loves Latin
and would understand the
Governor, if in the character of

he were to say to them

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