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16 Jany 1803


The The In the preceding Sections, the powers of legislative and other powers of government
that have been exercised in New South Wales
having have been stated as above, as being in general terms and by general arguments in in a general principles
point of view contrary to law: for as it remains to compare
make a more particular comparison of the acts done
illegal course of conduct pursued
with the particular laws which in these several ways have been specially particularly
transgressed and violated

partly by acts for want of legal powers from the source
of supreme government, in the Mother Country; partly by direct repugnancy to
the laws of the Mother Country; I mean by the state
of exile and bondage in which so many hundreds
such multitudes were detained who by according to the laws of the
Mother Country ought to have been in a state of perfect
freedom; it remains to confront the several heads
of transgression that have been manifested, with the
several constitutional laws and rules of law of which in
those several ways have been transgressed and violated.

Illegal detention for 12 or 18 months are there no
body could tell was to hand which, and thus which is called "certain"; and
thus at any rate universal: illegal bondage for the
same time uncertain certainty and equally universal. And what then?
What was to be their fate? As to the deposition they were to might get away if they
could but they can have no assistance: as to their condition while they , <del>that is</del> i:e:
their condition whether they were
would as the freedmen while they nothing said
about the matter

as to most of them for life
whether they were to be
to be bound or free, no body can know any thing about the matter.

Such is legislation in New South Wales.

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The acts of legislation and other acts of government that have
been exercised in N.S. Wales having have thus been stated is in general points
of view having been in a large proportion as being in a state of manifest repugnancy to the as to particular
existing laws or with as to the fundamental principles of the
constitution repugnance

South Wales: with the difference that in the most unnatural instances
the transgressions that give birth to the on this island are
but peccadillos in comparison to the acted in that distant
put that the .

of the twelve enumerable heads
of transgression of
which the in those days same land
England had the been the scene
five at least present themselves
as having had their counterparts in that

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