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No. 6 11. Mr. Bentham to Mr Hiley Addington. —

Mr Bentham presents his Compliments to Mr Hiley Addington
and begs the favour of being informed whether it be in contemplation
to give any answer to Mr Bentham's letter to him of the 27th of last
Month relative to the omitted documents.+
6th July 1801 —

No 13
Mr Benthams Note to No 12 written 27 August 1802.

Nill to No 6. No answer. But on Thursday the 9th Mr Vansittart having
on Tuesday the 7th written to Mr Bentham me a spontaneous note, appointing him me to
call on him (Mr Vansittart) at his chamber in the Treasury
on Thursday the 9th at half past 10, on that day on other business, Mr Bentham, after wasting several hours after
Mr Vansittart he knew of his my arrival. I was shewn into Mr Hiley
Addington, with whom was I found Mr Long who had been an hour
or an hour and a half with him in close conference. with him I have
drawn up the a relation of this concerted, and to me most unexpected conference, which was an extremely
curious one. The object of it was to put me by from insisting
in a demand, which they were alike afraid to comply with or
refuse. A sham offer was made me by Mr Long (500 Convicts
with compensation for the reduction). The mode was by accusing me
of the perversity for not having understood to him to have an
intended what he neither at once meant, what I knew it to be impossible he should have meant,
besides that it is expressly negatived by his own official letters. Mr
Vansittart kept me quiet, till Parliament was up by another time, short there and by
master of pretended kindness: — but, that the offer was never meant
to be realized, appears by the two next letters, and the inaction
that ensued.

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