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N.S. Wales

8 June 1802

5. Economy
6. Profit & Loss
Profit to Pitt
by Votes—Statue

Such being the fruit of the economy to the public
let us now see whether the economy has been of the mangers has not found
each with reference to the Manager his account in it.

Mr Pitt t'other day obtained a vote of thanks: and who was
the first to move it, but Lord Belgrave?

A subscription is raising for a statue for
Mr Pitt: and whose was the first titled name upon
the list of subscribers but Lord Spencer?

An anniversary dinner is instituted to establish the birthday
of Mr Pitt: and who on the first day
who again is it that occupies the Chair of procedure
but Lord Spencer?

Has Mr Pitt been ill-requited by either of his Lords? Lord?
Has not a vote of thanks its value? Has not a statue
especially to a man having a statue to a living man and that man an ex-minister—
its value? Is not present glory a
distant an improbable or included step to retaining power?
Is it then, my Lord, is it for nothing nought that manner
has been served, as your Lordship has seen it served, by Mr Pitt?

+ As to the statue

Papier Mache is among the materials
that have been proposed for it. Different materials gentlemen being
proposed different amendments materials I have none.+ I would
beg leave to propose . Let it be of that emblematical composition
of which for by through a course an experience of nine years
has been typifying typified the texture of his recorded and enacted promises and
not recorded only, but enacted—promises.

+ In a concern thus
natural different individuals
even proposed different materials.
Papier mache
has been proposed already
as I am but too
well enabled to certify by
a nine years experience
has for so long length
of time.

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